Ziro's Dwarf Adventurer


Level 1 Dwarf

XP: 644 / 2200
Gold: 572.6

STR 13 (+1)
INT 12
WIS 10
DEX 11
CON 12
CHA 7 (-1)

HP; 3
AC: 4

Languages: Common, Dwarf

Special skills: Infravision


  • Shield
  • Chainmail
  • Hand axe
  • Sling (30 stones)
  • Backpack
  • - Torches (x6)
  • - Flint, tinder
  • - Iron rations

An exiled dwarf seeking solace in adventure, Gori arrived in Tavásh not a year ago, where he offered to help in the local inns in exchange for food, shelter, and silence.

After a brief period of sullen depression spending whatever coin he had drinking alone in the local alehouses, he decided to uphold his duty to Moradin – work for the betterment of the dwarven race – and seek knowledge and self-improvement in expeditions.

It took a while, but he was glad to join when a group formed in the city to investigate the recent kobold appearances. Some action would keep his mind away from whatever troubled him.


Fellowship of the Dancing Kobold Ziro